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How to Integrate

step 1

Connect your Google Analytics account
  • Click on the “Connect your Google Analytics Account” underlined text

  • You will be referred to Google Accounts page. Sign-in/Choose your Google Account that your store’s Analytics has been.

  • Grant Access by clicking on “Allow” for all requirements

step 2

Complete your Google Analytics Set-up
  • Click on the “Complete your Google Analytics set-up” underlined text

  • Select following assets that your shop’s data is associated with for Sortimize to analyze

  • Account

  • Property

  • View

steps 3&4

Activate E-commerce and Enhanced E-commerce on 
Google Analytics
  • Sign-in to Google Analytics

  • Click on “Admin” and navigate to the “View” you have integrated with app

  • In the “View” column, click “Ecommerce Settings”

  • Set Enable Ecommerce is ON

  • Set Enhanced Ecommerce to ON

  • Click Save

step 5

Activate Enhanced
E-commerce Shopify - Google Analytics
  • Click on the “Go to preferences page” underlined text

  • On the row labelled as “Google Analytics”, check the box with statement “Use Enhanced E-commerce”

  • Click on the “Confirm you have activated “Use Enhanced Ecommerce” ” underlined text on Sortimize

  • Click Confirm on pop-up screen

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