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Sortimize is a game changer Shopify App, allows you to automatically sort your collections while saving you time and energy.

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Sortimize is a Shopify App that sorts your products automatically on your collections using Google Analytics and Shopify data.

Our algorithms are based on marketing strategies.

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Your customers are your biggest assets. But do you use that asset efficiently enough? Sortimize creates an automatic sorting system based on your real-time Google Analytics data. That way you do not just save time but also convert your 1st party data directly to sales. 

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  1. Add Sortimize to your Shopify store.

  2. Connect your Google Analytics account.

  3. Select the algorithm of your choice.

  4. Relax and let Sortimize do the rest for you!

For detailed instructions check this page

Note: We only use your Google Analytics Data read only



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 E-commerce managers sort items subjectively. Even though they try to sort by using data and algorithms that they have, this takes a lot of time with the changing balance of the stores.


Sortimize takes less than 5 minutes to set up and it sorts your collections with respect to changing situations of your store.

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With the changing nature of sales dynamics, it is hard to keep organizing your collections. Most of the time, store owners do this by hand; this procedure is exposed to mistakes and usually not very well calculated.


Sortimize takes down this manual process and fully automatizes. All you need to do is select the algorithm of your choice and let Sortimize sort products on your collections for you.

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Data Based


An e-commerce store’s biggest asset is their first party datas. Usually it is not efficiently used when it comes to sorting of the collections.


Sortimize works with smart and best practiced algorithms and tailor them using your own Google Analytics and Shopify data.. So, you can make more out of your collections.

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E-commerce and digital platforms are dynamic and hard to keep track.  It gets more exhausting and less productive to sort products day-by-day.


Sortimize sorts your collections automatically using real-time Google Analytics data with the best practice algorithms

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Track Performance


It takes at least 10 minutes per collection to analyze the performance of a specific collection with respect to real-time Analytics data and Shopify data.


Track the page value, page views and item counts of your collections over time with the Sortimize reporting.

We collect this data from Google Analytics



About us 1


Creating and managing a unique brand requires a long list of tasks, efforts and time. All the efforts spent through production, marketing and design create your first part data. This information becomes your biggest asset; it allows you to know and understand your customer and make strategic decisions accordingly. 


But how often first-party data used efficiently? Manually analyzing this data to change the arrangement of your store is exhausting and not efficient. Sortimize born from that need to fully automate this process of sorting, resulting in more efficient use of your channel and efforts. 


We believe efficiency comes within a unique approach. As a Shopify Partner, we are continuing to create new solutions to help people all around the world get the best out of their digital businesses.

Google AnalytiCs

Our app will use to get the product data on Google Analytics so that the users can sort their collections in accordance with the Google Analytics data. Google Analytics helps keep track of how well their products perform on their Shopify store, and our app helps the users sort their collections on Shopify in accordance with their performance so that the users can empower their online store in Shopify.








For pricing and more information, check our Shopify page

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